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Paulami Sil

Sekhar Mukherjee

‘Asha’ is a short animation film, which attempts to captures a slice of the life of a seven-hour old new-born girl, who was abandoned just after her birth in the streets of Ahmedabad and her struggle to survive. A 23-year-old college student finds the baby and the film focuses on her dilemma between humanity and social pressure, to take a decision. The narrative highlights the social behavior, judgmental nature
and patriarchal dominated society through the characters, events and sound-scape.
Paulami used several metaphors in forms of characters and situations, which talked about social acceptance and the spirit of inclusiveness. The form given to the story was that of 2D digitally hand-drawn animation, in which movements of characters were staged and composited against digitally sketched backgrounds. All the characters and backgrounds were digitally drawn and painted. The film attempted to break away from clichés of the realistic world, using animation as the medium to tell the story.