Discipline Faculty

Phaans: Fiction

Priyank Borkar

Prahlad Gopakumar

‘Phaans’ or a splinter in Marathi, is a fiction film. It is the story of a young couple and their daughter, who move to the city of Ahmedabad to start their life afresh. Soon after, confusion and fear ensue when the wife recognises a bed that the husband purchases from the Sunday market. A past trauma suffered by the wife comes to haunt her due to the presence of the bed in the house. Priyank’s film stemmed from an idea that a friend shared.
The plot revolves around a prostitute and her relationship with her bed. The film’s initial research came from studying the Banccha tribe that lives in Madhya Pradesh, India. The community is known for pursuing prostitution as a profession. Though the plot is set in Ahmedabad, the protagonists hail from Madhya Pradesh. The plot of the film is true to the style of filmmaking that he wishes to pursue.