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Purple: An Animated Introspection

Sukanya Paul

Sekhar Mukherjee

‘Purple’ is an animation film made with an experimental approach. The film revolves around the protagonist Purple, a young woman of 22, who achieves consciousness, by losing her infantile ego and stepping into adulthood. Her journey from girl to woman while experiencing loss and betrayal forms the plot of the film. During this voyage of survival, she crosses many boundaries and the story is about overcoming fear by tasting freedom.
A series of hand-drawn sketchbook illustrations, using magic realistic art by Sukanya, on her everyday experiences, formed the basis of the film. The process of Sukanya’s own organic metamorphosis to womanhood has been animated and made into this film. The film highlights the complications of living alone in a big city, where freedom can seem very alluring but has many shades to it. The color palette consists of a kaleidoscope of bright and vivid colors used repetitively throughout the film.