Discipline Faculty

A Rooster’s Tale

Rishiraj Chakrabartty

Sekhar Mukherjee

The project is a short animation film that attempts to create a dialogue about the current state of affairs of a common man’s life. It is adapted from the poem Ekti Moroger Kahini by Sukanta Bhattacharya, that was inspired by the Bengal famine. The characters of the film are relatable to the societal position of the middle class of today, even though they have been created as an imagery of cement and structure, juxtaposed with birds.
Rishiraj’s film is about a hungry rooster
and his quest for food. The story symbolizes the struggles of a common man, who loses his will and dignity and gets ripped off,
of all social identities. He falls and gets back up, only to face defeat again, leading to the death of his hopes and dreams at the hands of capitalism. The film is not subtle; it just points out the evidence in a stark
and disturbing way.