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Y Y Kiran

Sekhar Mukherjee

‘Kopam’ is a short animated experimental film which highlights anger, one of the most intense and trickiest of human emotions. It expresses how a person responds during extreme rage; using human form, abstract shapes, colors
Wand patterns. The form given to the story was that of 2D hand-drawn animation. The visuals were animated directly on paper using the straight-ahead animation technique. All frames were drawn on paper and colored using oil pastel, charcoal and acrylic colors.
The central theme of Kiran’s film is about the feelings experienced by a person overcome with intense anger and how those feelings make him behave senselessly in those dark moments. Using the medium of animation, the film shows the inner emotional state of an angry person and also depicts the feeling of deep regret after the moment of rage has passed.
The experimental animation helped emphasize the deep, inner state of being when under control of extreme emotions.