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The Charpai Project

Ramayudh Sahu

Pravinsinh Solanki

If one had to imagine a single piece of furniture that is truly Indian it would be the Charpai. It is perhaps one of the most functional pieces of furniture ever created; portable, economical, sustainable, compact and multifunctional. Essentially, it is a rectangular wooden frame with four legs and woven fiber or fabric as its surface. The frugality of the structure and multiple uses has made it ideal for the shared open spaces of Indian towns and villages.
Ramayudh attempted to explore this versatile piece of furniture from a historic and cultural point of view and simultaneously aimed to bring it into the contemporary urban landscape. The thematic extension of the Charpai was achieved by placing them in multiple locations with creative positioning at festivals, to inspire introduction in the modern lifestyles of today. The project thereby encouraged use as well as recognition of the Charpai as furniture that is relevant and unique to India.