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Nadakketthandan: Short Fiction

Ananth P Mohan

Prahlad Gopakumar

‘Nadakkethandan’, a short fiction film directed by Ananth, is the story is of 10-year-old Sanku and his friend. The film takes the viewer through their trials and tribulations of finding a real swamp-hen’s feather for a school science exhibition. To deter them from venturing into the forest and getting lost there, Sanku’s grandmother tells them about the deadly forest demon Nadakkethandan, who no one has ever seen. But everyone in the village knows the story of Thampan, the scary village man who was slapped by the demon.
Nevertheless, the children set out on a mission to find the feather, where Sanku loses consciousness due to an accident and faces Nadakkethandan in a dream only to lose his fear. Thampan comes to Sanku’s aid in the forest and gifts him with a beautiful swamp hen feather. The story follows the journey of the realizations that Sanku arrives at during his adventure.