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Textiles as a Memory

Akshara Mehta

Sucharita Beniwal

The project took an unconventional approach of developing a brief as opposed to getting a ready brief from the client. For this, Akshara needed to immerse in the local way of life, adapt to the culture and blend with the people. Along with observations and reflections, the rigorous secondary and primary research, discussions and interactions with experts helped in understanding the context of the project to mark the journey of wool in Sikkim with an aim to reduce waste caused by the textile sector.
Various approaches to tackling waste at every level of production were explored, by involving the stakeholders in the process. The project’s success could be accredited to the collaboration with the last sheepherder of Sikkim to revive the age-old wool craft that was once practiced there. Akshara learnt how designers could bring a change in the material systems, social models, structures set in the industry and mindsets of the users and oneself.