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Asvino Signi

Ajay Tiwari

‘Pasi’, which means hungry in Tamil, is a 2D animated short film about a hungry tribal man who was beaten to death for allegedly stealing food, while onlookers clicked selfies. It is based on a real incident that occurred in Kerala a few months ago. Asvino made changes to the original incident and added characters and situations to create a new, fictitious world
in the film, with details that collectively formed the history, geography and culture.
The essence of the story reveals the life of a tribal man named Madhu, who wanders into a small town in search of food. While attempting to snatch food fed to a dog, he gets caught and is very badly beaten up by the town folk. Somehow, he manages to crawl back into his dwelling, where he gives up his fight against death. The film showcases the cruelty of humans and the destruction of nature by their actions.