Discipline Faculty


Chinmay Kher

Sekhar Mukherjee

‘Immigrants’ is an animated short film, focusing on the environmental degradation of remote wild habitats which had hitherto remained pristine for millennia. The unprecedented pace and scale of human footprint that resulted from the industrial revolution, caught many species unaware, ensuing in the extinction of some. Others are on the brink of extinction and fighting for survival. Through the film, Chinmay has highlighted their plight and human responsibility towards preservation of the natural ecosystem of our beautiful planet.
Parallels can be drawn between human and wildlife conditions by observing the trend of desperate immigration in both. The film depicts the tragicomic misadventure of two bears, one polar and the other brown and draws attention to changes beyond our horizon. The tale also has a subtext of the ongoing refugee crises around the world, the causes of which might lead the viewers to the same cycle of short-sighted exploitation, that has triggered environmental degradation.