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Travel Simple

Sangam Sinha

Vikram Singh Parmar

The VIP brand has a deep embedded meaning in the Indian luggage market and maintains the market affirmation for quality products. Demographically, India has one of the highest young population in the world and to cater to such a mass was a great opportunity. The scope of the project was to understand the luggage market and tap into the intricacy which has guided the industry for so long. Sangam’s objective was to then understand the general young public of India and the world and find a gap where possible design intervention could create a conceptual product.
Insights from primary and secondary research conducted, evolved into design concepts based on users’ emotions as they go about their daily life with their most commonly used luggage - the backpack. Ideation was done mostly by visualization and putting the refined ideas on paper and digital media. The design process included conceptualization, production supervision as well as final execution.