Discipline Faculty

The Watchers: Independent Short Film

Saket Milind Ghaisas

Dr. Shilpa Das

In Saket’s film, the young protagonist kills a man to initiate joining a gang, but he cannot deal with the guilt that surfaces after committing the crime. The regret drives him to the edge of sanity where he encounters his conscience. Saket’s objective was to explore the complex relationship between humans and morality in an indifferent, cold world through the medium of animation. He used visual metaphors, hard hitting and violent imagery to communicate the message effectively to society.
For production, he ideated the concepts
and selected the final one, then developed the story and designed a background around it. Developing the characters and visuals involved making concept art and exploring various colors along with story boards and treated frames. Interestingly,
he used hand drawn animation in 2D
to make the short film lasting 5 minutes
and 50 seconds. The post production process taught him various editing techniques and precision.