Discipline Faculty

Return Of the Jungle: The Trek

Aditi Krishnadas

Ajay Tiwari

The film is a pitch for a 2D mini-series based on Vaibhav Studio’s 3D feature film - Return of the Jungle. A gang of kids go on a trek through
a forest, accompanied by their kindly old thatha. In his excitement to reach the destination, Harpreet the most enthusiastic kid forgets to pay attention to the small moments of magic
that happen along the way. Narrating a story, thatha makes him understand the value
of these little moments.

Aditi’s pitch had to contain the script, storyboards, treatment frames, animatics and animation tests for the whole episode. Another requirement was to set
a distinctive visual style so that while
the entire episode looked different
from the original film, it still carried
the visual flavor. Other challenges included weaving two entirely different narratives together, staging interactions between the seven main characters and balancing dialogues with the visual flow.