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Amber: An Animated Music Video for The F16s

Deepti Sharma

Ajay Tiwari

The F16 is an alternative band whose music echoes melancholia grappling with everyday life in a town that serves little outside of itself. ‘Amber’ is a song about how bad things get in a person’s head. Visually, it follows a central female character who does not like who she is and purchases a new head online for herself.
The music video looks like a dream, with the focus shifting from one thing to another abruptly, but with a seamless flow.
Deepti explored the complex relationships we have with the world around us, with ‘self-identity’ as a theme. She was part of the ideation, concept selection, story development and visual design process while composing the music video.
She developed editing techniques to create surreal animation and learnt how to create backgrounds, sync music and treat frames and colors. Deepti documented the 3 minutes and 40 seconds long music video by using the traditional 2D animation style.