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A Nudge towards Good Health: Reimagining Homes to make Healthier Choices

Sneha Arvind

P Rama Krishna Rao

Based on American psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Human motivation, Sneha’s project looked at the idea of using design to motivate inhabitants of a home to be physically active. The project attempted to reimagine how accepted norms to retain good health do not need an external impetus but can be achieved through the environment one inhabits. Primary research was conducted in the cities of Bandung, Jakarta and Bekasi in Indonesia.

The idea aimed to open new vistas for an existing product in the endeavor to motivate users to be physically active and create lasting habits in the quest for good health. Sneha’s project urges the viewer to note that the outcomes of the project should not be viewed in isolation, but rather as examples of a larger concept about reimagining the purpose of a home and the products therein to nudge and facilitate a more active lifestyle within the four walls of the home.