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Embellished Garments: Collection Inspired from Sujani Embroidery

Amisha Sharma

Aarti Srivastava

Bodice is an innovative apparel brand with minimalist aesthetics and a flattering balance of solids and textures. Amisha worked on its SS19 collection for international markets, using Indian craftsmanship. The research included understanding weaving and embroidery techniques explored under the brand’s aesthetics, depicting her artworks in Bodice’s design language. The first collection inspired by Nasreen Mohamedi’s rhythmic lines of ‘poetry with structure’ used hand embroidery called Sujani to depict the complexity of time, space, human life and nature.
For the second range with pleats and color blocks, silhouettes were inspired by the swirling costumes of highly educated and independent Nautch Indian dancers refining Mughal culture of music and dance. Amisha researched market trends to stay updated and designed outfits that appealed to a modern clientele. It was a joy for her to see yardages getting converted into garments. She also worked on combining surfaces and silhouettes in a viable manner for the fashion industry.