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Reshma Teelar

Sathyanand Mohan

Sacred groves or Kavu are forest fragments dedicated to local gods and deities and protected by religious tenets, custodian families and cultural traditions. Local communities overlook the responsibility of their protection. These groves are multifaceted social institutions that symbolize a harmonious coexistence with the natural world. They possess a heritage of genetic diversity of various forest species and are comprised of rare, unique, endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna.
Recent surveys indicate that these groves, which once served as repositories of bio-diversity and traditional ecological wisdom, are fast disappearing due to the population explosion, demand for land and lack of ecological awareness. Reshma’s objective was to support the long-term protection, conservation and revitalization of sacred natural sites and their bio-cultural significance. She aimed to give voice to this need, bringing about a conscious awareness that human existence is linked with the existence of everything else inanimate or animate.