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Nitin Gupta

Krishna Amin

An NGO named Avani in Uttarakhand sponsored the project undertaken by Nitin. It works with the local communities to create livelihood with sustainable technology and local crafts like making carpets, throws and durries. They have also ventured into hand-woven textiles like shawls, stoles and saris. His brief was to work on a new range of menswear jackets and blazers for the upcoming fall-winter season.

Nitin reorganized the stitching department by identifying gaps between the design unit and system of the workflow.Standards and templates for pattern making and tailoring for better efficiency of the stitching department were devised. Streamlining of processes and conducting workshops for tailors on sewing techniques were executed. The process started by experimenting with different dyeing and printing techniques and exploring cotton fabric for absorbency and fastness of natural dyes. It was a reality check for him for the level of skill set and capability of workers in the dyeing unit.