Discipline Faculty

Pele Tid (The Other Side)

Kaitavkumar Patel

Ajay Tiwari

‘Pele Tid’ is the story of an enthusiastic teacher named Asha and her first posting in a remote tribal area of Gujarat. After reaching the school she finds out that the tribe uses a language
that she is vastly ill-equipped to teach in.
The film is based on Kaitav’s sister’s ordeal who was appointed in a school almost 120 km away from her residence. The community in the village did not understand Gujarati language, which the local government has been promoting through primary education.
Kaitav’s sister tried to instruct the students by drawing on the board but it was in vain. Her frustration made her resent her work and thus inspired the protagonist’s character in the film. The experience helped in building other characters with the conservative attitude towards the community. Kaitav wanted to emphasize the daily journey of 240 kms to be a part of the film as well.