Discipline Faculty

Carbse 10

Shubham Sahu

Jonak Das

The project was undertaken for Projects 3.14, an Ahmedabad based architectural and interior start-up. The objective was to plan an event for CARBSE (Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy), which recently completed a decade. It is one of the centers of excellence at CEPT. The event included a two-day discussion, a one-day symposium event and an exhibition showcasing its journey to the present. Ideas generated included small initiatives that could improve the event’s environmental impact and make it more
energy efficient.

Shubham took inspiration from the visual characteristics and environment of the Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB) at CEPT to develop identity elements like the color scheme, fonts and logo options. The approved elements were printed on invites and other event collateral. An exhibition panel showcasing the journey of CARBSE, the event kit and a handmade paperweight pen stand for international delegates were also designed.