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Madhuvanti Maddur

Dr. Shilpa Das

Polyamory is the practice of having multiple romantic relationships with the consent of each partner involved. ‘Exhibit A’ is a documentary film, about a couple practising polyamory in India. They interact with each other as they speak about their experiences of opening up their life to polyamory. The film follows their narrative as individuals and as a couple, as they expand over the subject, in the contexts of gender, sexuality and marriage. The film attempts to understand the dialogues and debates within their relationship and depicts the subject as a ‘normal albeit different’ relationship, without any voyeurism attached to it.
Through her film, Madhuvanti has attempted to present and represent an alternative narrative, in contrast to set ideas of what a ‘relationship’ is assumed
to be, in a heteronormative society that prefers to operate in binaries. The film explores how newer spaces could be created to include narratives that do
not subscribe to these binaries.