Discipline Faculty

Army Camp Experience Design

Shipra Balasubramani

Jonak Das

The project was to design an ‘Army Camp Experience’ for a client in Gurgaon. Being an ex-army man himself, he wanted civilians to experience the life of a Jawan. Their diet, lifestyle, training and struggles have a story to tell the civilians. Delta 105 recreated the experience in an entertaining and educative fashion, by showcasing different elements and instances of military life. Shipra managed to research for the project by visiting sites, analyzing adventure centers and conducting workshops with the possible stakeholders.
The focus was on creating an authentic experience by procuring several discarded elements from real army camps. The emphasis on spatial strategy and narrative made the experience unique for civilians. The final outcome of the project successfully demonstrated the strong value systems which make the army what it is. The grounded elements resonating with army lifestyle expressed emotions and experiences in a tender way.