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Ripple: The Recycled Tyre Seating

Karan Kalpak Bhave

Pravinsinh Solanki

With constant growth in the automobile industry, 70 percent of illegal disposal of used tires is a serious issue in India. They either go to landfills becoming a breeding ground for mosquitos or are dumped into the oceans causing a threat to aquatic life. They are also sometimes burnt in open air releasing gases hazardous for human health. Currently, tires are recycled for some applications, but the rate of disposal is much higher than the recycling rate.
Karan aimed to research on innovating the material in such a way that it could be used as raw material for various industries. ‘The Ripple’ was an attempt towards promoting the recycling of rubber tires and using them unconventionally to produce a furniture range. His outcome was a way to change the perception of people about used tires and making them take an immediate, sustainable course of action to solve the alarming issue.