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Redesign of Go-Mart: Part of Go-Jek App Family

Guruprasad Vishwanath Kukian

Nijoo Dubey

The objective of Guruprasad’s project was to improve the UI/UX and redesign of the Go-Mart feature in the Go-Jek app. The app aimed to get an overhaul through a single design language. New inclusions to improve the user number and user approach on the app were also part of the scope. Qualitative and quantitative research was conducted on majority of the users who were mainly women. Varied research methodologies were used, from personal interviews to gorilla testing of the app.
The existing app was audited to understand the UX and find the issues leading to bad user experience. Findings indicated that the design focused more on the merchant than the user. Hence the entire UX and UI were redesigned to be user oriented. The development process aimed to improve the user experience of the app by changing user behavior. This was achieved through a reinvented, interesting approach boosted by an effective UI.