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Pétale: Water Hyacinth Lounge Seating

Monalisa Gupta

Pravinsinh Solanki

The project was undertaken for the design studio Nivasarkar Consultants, which promotes the use of natural materials in designing furniture, interiors and architecture. The objective of the project was to promote Indian craft and culture through design and take it to all financial segments of the society. India has a rich history of using various natural materials, that are locally available, in making household items as well as furniture, using craft techniques. However, with the mass production of synthetic products, these crafts are decreasing.
Research was conducted on natural fibres used for crafts and an interesting finding was the unconventional use of Water Hyacinth, an invasive weed which is a pollutant of water bodies. Explorations were performed to know more about its properties and possibilities. Analysis of current Hyacinth furniture provided insights on the design process leading to ideations. After multiple mock-ups and feedbacks, the concept and design were finalized.