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A Collection of Tanlimpani Sarees

Hima Dholakia

Swasti Singh Ghai

The project undertaken for Taneira, a Titan brand, aimed to revive one of the oldest occupations and garments; handloom weaving and sarees. The team travelled across India to gather the most beautiful collection of handcrafted sarees. Hima’s brief was to design a collection with Gujarat’s traditional hand embroidery for the Indian market, targeting upper-middle-class women between the ages of 25 and 45. Hima introduced a design language that was minimal yet festive, elegant yet cost-efficient and production friendly.
The embroidery expressed the story of Kutchi women, their migration and the changes that took place in their life after the earthquake. Hima added an element of fun, by incorporating tassels. She learnt to work with a traditional craft without compromising on its uniqueness. The major challenges while working on a commercial project were maintaining sustainable traditions, working with artisans and operating in the local environment.