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Seher: Experimental Jamdani Sarees

Prakruthi Rao

Swasti Singh Ghai

The objective was to create a range of experimental Jamdani sarees where age old technique was presented in an unconventional, interesting and novel manner. The craft had to be easily recognizable as Jamdani but still be completely new, furthering Taneira’s unique visual identity. The collection of fifteen sarees was a co-creation project and all sampling and conceptualization was done with the Jamdani weavers of West Bengal. The inspiration chosen was ‘the grand phenomenon of sunrise’.
Samples and various explorations were created, following which design color and motif combinations were refined and then used as the base for the final layout. The co-creation process was followed so that the weavers also felt a sense of ownership with the product they were creating. The sarees were made with a vision to foster a curiosity about the craft in the mind of the customer, which would in turn, create an appreciation and subsequently a demand for it.