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Kora: The Electric Motorbike for the Women of 2030

Kaushambi Choudhary

Balaji Rengarajan

India is the second largest market for motorcycles in the world and yet does not include a motorcycle designed specifically for women. Kaushambi’s brief was to design a smart two-wheeler for 2030 which addressed the lifestyle of urban women through clean, connected personal mobility solutions, by examining the current scenario and forecasting the demands of 2030. The challenge was to provide the best solution keeping in mind emerging cutting-edge technology, future IOT, infotainment, personalization, intuitive functionality and manufacturing.
The theme ‘Wild Spirit’ was selected as it represented the bold, spirited and empowered younger generation better. A digital model was developed in MoI (Moment of Inspiration) software for better understanding of the form and surfaces. The vision of the project opened up a new scope for the automobile industry in terms of the possibility of a sustainable, zero-emission, specific women-centric motorcycle in 2030, with the opportunity of a retail strategy for international markets as well.