Discipline Faculty

Move: Personal Mobility Solution for 2030

Sijo Thomas

Balaji Rengarajan

Motorcycles have been much more than just transportation from the era of wars and they bring up that emotion even today. Automobile giants are experimenting to redefine the rider experience. In 2030, the world would step into autonomy in vehicles for a newer, safer driving experience. Sijo believes that future economic, social and technological models will have an impact on design, which will have to be redefined from the core.
The future could witness migration due to climate changes and cities could transform into mega-cities. While there could be a well-connected, efficient public transportation system in place, a strong desire for personal transport to break free from a mundane life would remain. A two-wheeled vehicle could be an ideal package for a personal mobility pod. Sijo researched for a new vehicle proposition, which could be an urban solution for commuting and touring needs, keeping futuristic developments in mind.