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Augmentative Communication for Persons with Cerebral Palsy

Indrayudh Sengupta

Gayatri Menon

Individuals with locomotor disabilities like cerebral palsy are at a higher risk of being excluded from mainstream activities and interaction among people with standard communication skills. In this project, the aim was to meet these challenges through the development of specialized devices that can use Augmentative Assistive Communication System to increase the success rate of sending and receiving messages. Three devices were designed and developed to be produced economically.

The first was a personal AAC scanner for severe motor disability to be used in a single access switch to scan, select and print symbols on an electronic display. The second was a spectacle mounted laser pointer to aid in direct selection on a communication board while the third was a head mounted motion-controlled mouse input device for improving computer access among those who have good neck control. Prototypes of the products were tested with experienced AAC users and the feedback was recorded to improve the product.