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Enhancing the Experience of Fulfilling the Day to Day Needs of the Elderly in India

Krishna Prasad Kuruva

Chakradhar Saswade

Working on a sample size of ten thousand elderly people, Delhi based NGO, Agewell Foundation found that almost every fourth elderly person lives alone in India. Urban areas had a higher percentage of elderly people living alone as compared to rural areas. Problems such as financial dependency, depression, loneliness and lack of social interaction were identified.
The primary objective of Krishna’s project was to enhance the experience of fulfilling the daily needs of the elderly, through an intuitive in-home care service application. The frame work provided an opportunity to understand and categorize the needs of the elderly into four major categories, which were Identity, Sociability, Routine and Activity. With a rapidly increasing aging population, new technologies and services are being created to help older adults stay in their homes for longer and to reduce strains on healthcare systems. The project explored processes for using a human-centreed approach for designing products and services for the care industry.