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Designing Luxury Furniture Range for Verde Box Design

Bhabani Shankar Nayak

Pravinsinh Solanki

Bhabani worked on a high-end luxury furniture design and manufacturing project which aimed at designing and producing ranges of furniture, for Verde Box Design, a studio involved in designing commercial and home interiors and luxury furniture. Following a very modern and contemporary design language, the studio conceptualizes premium furniture. The project included studying the existing work portfolio to understand the design language followed, as well as understanding of modern aesthetics and functionality of Italian furniture making. The project concluded with designing and conceptualizing two ranges of furniture, both in contrast to each other while sharing the same design language and style. Taking inspiration from created mood boards and case studies, two ranges named ‘Piega’ and ‘Ragno’ were produced. Each range included five pieces of furniture for the contemporary market. The studio aims to showcase the furniture ranges in the upcoming India Design 2019 Exhibition, as a designer range of their own.