Discipline Faculty

Entrenched: A Travelling Exhibition

Samhitha Kottamasu

Tanishka Kachru

Samhitha familiarised herself with the themes and material ReReeti wanted to display by visiting Bengaluru’s libraries and finding key exhibits for ‘Entrenched’. She studied important war museums, shows and traveling exhibitions for the narrative, means of communication and the possible experiences to be created for the audience, within the given time, space and budget constraints. Samhitha also worked on the visual identity for ‘White Pepper Black Pepper’ and ‘Entrenched’ and created a graphic style guide for future designers.
A significant challenge for her was the changing timetable of the vendors and the erratic monsoon of Bengaluru. One of her regrets regarding the process was the short timeline due to which she was not able to give enough time to iterations and speculations on the design before getting them into production. After pinpointing the issues of the plan, she included suggestions for both the exhibitions and the informative panels displayed therein.