Discipline Faculty

Redesign of O.P. Jindal Museum

Manas Majhi

Tanishka Kachru

The project involved redesigning the O.P. Jindal Memorial Museum located in Karnataka. The project encompassed studying the existing condition of the museum and suggesting new forms of museum technologies and mediums that could be incorporated. Although the prevailing space had a great architectural presence, it also needed a new system of information display which would be more interactive, exciting and user friendly. The project began with the analysis of space which included site visits, space mapping and interaction with locals.
Extensive research helped to create a clear timeline to identify missing data. Developing the museum narrative and visitor flow was the next phase. The design and development approach was based on chronology and materials. Final deliverables included three-dimensional visualization and detailing of the space. Manas also developed a detailed signage system for the entire visitor journey. A key learning was how to build a systematic and holistic design based on research, discussion, reiterations and experimentation.