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Brewing Cohoma: Branding and Packaging for a Coffee Brand

Niyati Rao

Tarun Deep Girdher

Cohoma, an Indian coffee company in Ghaziabad offers premium brewed coffee at ease. It is in the process of launching roast, ground and cold brew coffee in single serve cups and commercial packaging for retail and e-commerce. Targeted towards bringing accessible coffee to the masses, the brand aimed to co-craft a visual identity that extended its design into customer engagement. Niyati suggested names and moodboards for each name and designed a cohesive logo speaking the same brand language.
Packaging information, sizes and vendors were a challenge for the three product categories with three flavors each, namely, Original Custom Roast, Cinnamon-Hazelnut and French-Vanilla. She also designed sachets, drip coffee bags and secondary packaging of cardboard boxes. Gaining insight into client reservations, receiving feedback and decision making led to productive learning beside task management and quality deliverables. The skill and patience has given Niyati the confidence to take similar projects of brand building in the future.