Discipline Faculty

Leela: The Play

Alok Dilipsingh Rajput

Sekhar Mukherjee

‘Leela’ is a fiction film about Satish, a 28-year-old man who wishes to portray the role of Ram during the Ram-Leela festivities. Playing Ram is the central driving force of Satish’s life, as it holds great emotional value to him personally. He starts preparing for the role of Ram for about a month and a half. But life has something else in store for Satish and he is forced to become Raavana instead. The film focuses on various themes such as friendship, betrayal, peer pressure and conditioning, to name a few.
Satish constantly deals with the absence of change and lacks motivation in life. He even goes against his loving wife, Vandana who holds the best of interests in her heart for Satish. Due to unforeseen circumstances that incense him to embody the characteristics of Raavana, Satish finds himself going beyond his own expectations from himself.