Discipline Faculty

Redefining the Clicking, Storing and Sharing Experience

Shweta Ratanpura

Tarun Deep Girdher

The project adopted an investigative approach by highlighting trends, generating insights and design principles to change the experience of content creation and sharing, within Samsung smartphones. Media service is experiencing an explosion of innovation due to the rise of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, autonomous driving, and 5G communication. Internet-based over the top services such as Netflix have seen a dramatic increase in investment and production of original content.
Tech companies have integrated AI in their cameras to refurbish and self-edit pictures. Shweta researched for a holistic approach through interviews for understanding user needs and problems. Even though she initially faced difficulties in adjusting to a corporate focusing purely on research, the experience helped her grow as a designer who is not confined to a single area but capable of handling and adapting a broader scope of different fields.