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Sarah Naqvi

Swasti Singh Ghai

‘Bashaoor’ served as a critical commentary on polarizing practices across India in recent years. Hinduism has always been associated with tolerance, compassion and a ‘live and let live’ attitude. However, the current administration has fostered an issue as innocuous as a dietary preference to be dangerously divisive, especially between Muslims and Hindus. Bashaoor in Urdu means ‘guided by consciousness’. Sarah’s work reflected the communal conflicts in India, the antipathy towards diversity, and their impact on religious identity and minorities.
The medium of choice developed out of the need for immersive exchanges. Tactile forms are known to many, and hence they suggest a universal language that could transcend borders without any sense of threat or misinterpretation. Sarah foresaw a future in which the medium of textiles could provide a seamless link to express positive change and act as a sustainable and culturally empathetic means of activism.