Discipline Faculty

Wildlife Themed Tabletop Games

Archana Dhamangaonkar

Gayatri Menon

Kaadoo is the only organization designing and manufacturing wildlife themed games for three to ten-year-old children in India. Their aim is to bring people closer to nature by creating awareness and thereby conserving nature. Currently, games with educational value are in great demand. Many popular games have been redesigned with an educational twist. The goal of the project was thus termed as Edutainment. Archana designed a game for Kaadoo, by
applying design thinking and experimenting on all fronts.

The scope of work included understanding the market, buyers and users, idea generation, concept development, user testing, game improvisation and production. Game sessions and informal interactions with children gave an insight into their needs, likes and dislikes, development and cognizance. Games were designed to teach kids to learn about various aspects of wildlife and create curiosity about it, be competitive and acquire strategic thinking.