Discipline Faculty

Making Bicycles Great Again

Gautam Merwan Balagopala

Vipul Vinzuda

The project’s goal was to understand the reasons for traffic congestion and to identify a means for elevating the quality of life. Distribution of the load on diverse, equally approachable options of transportation was an insight gathered. After recognizing the benefits of bicycles for both, cities and residents, ‘Bikeshare’ was selected as the solution, especially in the context of Bengaluru’s Outer Ring Road neighborhoods. Gautam conducted research to understand and contextualize the design inputs of bikeshare services operating in those areas.
The interaction with the Public Bikeshare System suggested building pride and desirability for the system by revamping its outlook as an organized system of transportation. The process aimed to have more people respecting bikeshare as a solution to congestion woes. The communication, graphics and industrial design of parking zones were ideated upon through the theme of ‘sophisticated vibrancy’ to achieve an output that could engage the public.