Discipline Faculty

Future Fiction: Designing Platforms for Storytelling

Utkarsh Chaturvedi

Tanishka Kachru

The assignment comprised of two major projects which had a common thread of emergent technology and storytelling; one that addressed the future and the other that dwelled on the heritage of the past. ‘Future Fiction’ is a platform developed to take a finer look at the future of Indian digital expressions. The project involved branding and creating a digital presence for the same. Utkarsh designed and developed the website for the project after researching the new media landscape in India.
Utkarsh also worked on a heritage project, which led to the creation of ‘The Panjim Trail’, a multimedia storytelling app that guides the user through an interactive walk traversing the history of Panjim with a series of multimedia narratives. The scope of work involved conceptualisation, research, user experience and interface design of the app as well as illustration design. The first version of the app was made available during the Serendipity Arts Festival in December.