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Froto: A Compact and Accessible Rotomolded Refrigerator

Dishant Pradhan

Mohammed Naim

As a part of the project with Whirlpool India, Dishant’s brief was to design an associable and accessible refrigerator to reduce production cost and create a personal sense of ownership. Primary research was conducted by cost analysis through factory visits and user study through surveys, interviews and questionnaires with industrial designers. A small volume refrigerator was dismantled to its smallest components to understand scale to cost ratio.
For the first phase of ideation to create a new concept of refrigerators, Dishant researched on production processes and boiled down to a process called Roto-Molding. Froto is a fridge with two main components, door and the cabinet. The PU insulation foam was injected into the hollow body in which the plastic is recyclable. It has a wider, crisper and trivet bins with separate baskets to store tomatoes. On the whole, Froto is design for the local user group to service the basic pain points.