Discipline Faculty

Noi Mohi: A Sustainable Brand in the Northeast of India

Daksha Salam

Sakthivel V

Noi Mohi is a small-scale, premium quality, handloom and craft brand focused on telling the stories of traditional artisans and farmers of North East India. It manufactures and sells products, using pure and ecofriendly raw materials to maintain sustainability. The project brief was to create a design language for Noi Mohi including its core values, philosophies and aesthetic principles. Daksha worked on the conceptualization of the brand from mind mapping, sensitizing and ideation.

Keywords that described the true essence of the brand were identified and used in various explorations for the identity development and logo design. Daksha also worked on marketing strategies for various mediums, leading into which a few collections of sarees were to be created, focusing on the handlooms of Assam. The designs were conceived to be empathetic and timeless in nature. Limited editions were created to avoid wastage of resources.
Co-creation resulted from working in tangent with the local weavers.