Discipline Faculty

CRM of the Near Future

Amit Sharma

Mamata N Rao

As a part of the Dynamics 365 team, the theme of the project was to speculate the future of Customer Relationship Management systems and develop a compelling mobile story for sales and service scenarios in the enterprise world. The project aimed to understand the core CRM Business need, identify opportunities and map future scenarios to build modular business applications on mobile that are part of a connected data graph, enabling Artificial Intelligence and extensibility that spans the customer’s business process needs.
Amit leveraged on Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office, Cortana Intelligence Suite, Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn graph to understand the process. During the internship he conducted many interviews, gathered needs and aspirations of both, the service and sales agents, considering the various ways users, technology and businesses may behave in the near future. From the research, he identified potential untapped markets and viable business opportunities that could undertake and develop an end to end system for the user base ground up.