Discipline Faculty

Learning to Live

Freddie Thapru

Mohammed Naim

The project aimed to focus on the most neglected and least cared for beings, in society - homeless people and street animals. To achieve this utopian concept, Freddie studied the problems they faced every day and tried to find solutions incorporating infrastructure and social development. Her idea was to relocate homeless people who were willing to work in areas with a scope of improvement, by giving them a chance to start life anew.

The idea was for them to be given primary education, taught some of our dying crafts and given job opportunities so they could pay rent and tax. For every housing society, a public toilet would be constructed, to be maintained by themselves. Cleaning it would also be a source of income and the country would be cleaner with reduced open defecation. They would also have to take care of street animals so that society could be cleaner, healthier, just and empowered.