Discipline Faculty

Design Interventions in Public Space for Lodhi Art Festival

Kajal Prabhakar

Tanishka Kachru

The project was to create a public space within the Lodhi Art District to promote art and culture by engaging people through exhibitions and installations. By making the Lodhi Art District an open gallery, Kajal intended to make art accessible, by linking art, artists, visitors and the local people. Her process involved making the space culturally and economically viable for the artists and visitors by engaging them through information. The design involved research on street art and public spaces. Subjective mapping of the Art District focused on different communities and resources programmed for the Lodhi Art Festival by incorporating social activities, placemaking and tactical urbanism.
Kajal’s project involved discussions with government and art groups, enhancing her knowledge on the hierarchical functioning and formalities with the concerned agencies. She also learnt interventions to understand people’s correlation with art and developed a collaborative system to engage various communities by offering her learnings from research, mapping and analysis to developement and delivery.