Discipline Faculty

Speculating Sustainable Clothing Futures

Rhea Nitin Muthane

Sakthivel V

The project explored sustainability, by questioning the fundamentals and technology in the global fashion world. A case study was conducted to understand the existing functionalities by fabricating a sustainable look. Rhea explored various aspects of photoshoots, public relations, client interactions and Instagram to understand the nuances of making a ‘frivolous piece of garment’. Fashion reacts to trends followed by people, the online world influences our wardrobe and businesses leverage this abundance into economies of scale, turning sustainable fashion into an oxymoron.

The project utilized questioning as a tool to go through multiple levels of the system. Interviews, research and speculative design were used as a medium to question the current norms and predict the future. It concluded to the concept of critical design, through brands sharing economy models. Rhea also highlighted the role of design information in changing the consumer pattern from passive to active.