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Akin to the Winter Sun

Rishi Kochhar

Sathyanand Mohan

The notion of ‘who one is’ is a complex idea. The idea of self is formed through the roles people play in society, their personal characteristics and the place they call home. Growing up as an army child, Rishi had a peripatetic lifestyle during his formative years; the origins of which began during partition. Not really belonging anywhere created a void within him, accentuated by the diversity of a land, where regional and ethnic identities often occupy the foreground.
Rishi attempted to reclaim that void and reimagine a space called home, by creating a visual record that could tie past landscapes and geography, to the formation of self. His photographic journey to the land of his forefathers and places of his childhood, brought new meanings into consideration and aided in connecting the dots. It helped identify, document and restructure the dispersed fragments of his life into a cohesive entity.