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The Praxis Project: Practice in Timekeeping

Tirtha Mandal

Mohammed Naim

The project presented innovative watches with the concept of practicing time by incorporating physical and digital interactions keeping intact the innate features of a watch. Information was gathered through customer study by analyzing the watch industry and the knowledge of associated materials and manufacturing processes. Tirtha’s research involved the relationship between time and people associated with personal and cultural perception of time and understanding its qualitative aspect. The derived inferences helped in designing interactive and unique watches.

An experiment in practicing time and time-based artefacts was the target of the project. The project was attempted to delight the users by designing watches which connect with their senses and solve day to day problems. Generating intimacy with watches amidst application of electronic devices for modern use and to practice time in a personalized way for time’s best utilization was also a focus. Through the project, Tirtha re-opened a genre of analog digital smart watch for Titan.