Discipline Faculty

Enhancing the Web Presence of Ideaspice

Chinmayee Nalawade

Dr. Shilpa Das

Ideaspice is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Dubai and India, headed by NID alumni. With over one thousand successfully completed projects, they wanted to revamp the website and display their best and latest work. Chinmayee worked on redesigning the website to showcase the studio’s multidisciplinary expertise, display their best work and enhance their web presence. This was achieved by creating a visual language that represented
their design process, beliefs and work culture
in a better and more aesthetic manner.

The design process involved an upgrade of the website in terms of user experience and user interface to encompass the versatile portfolio while ensuring easy access and smoother navigation. The design process began with comprehending the new sitemap to ensure apt translation of the structure. A visual language was created that reflected the personality of the studio. Thereafter composition of webpages, project data collection and curation and illustrations were completed.